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Words & Music By Dean Bavister

(1st Verse:)

How do I make it through the night,
When I know you should be here by my side?
How am I supposed to even try,
With no energy to cast the fear aside?

(2nd Verse:)

I still can't believe you were here at all,
When all I could do was drive you away.
I'd lean on you like you were my brick wall,
You must have thought that I was addicted to disarray.

(1st Bridge:)

I tried to call round,
I wanted to hear the sound of your voice.
I'm trying to calm down,
Am I forgiven? Do I have a choice?


Can't you see I'm breaking?
I need you now.
Can't you see I'm breaking?
Just tell me how.
How can I see you, be with you, hold you next to me?
How can I hear your voice, laugh with you, hold you in my arms tonight?
For all of my life.

(3rd Verse:)

I've had my heart stolen many times,
I never thought about the pain or the risk.
Soon as we met I knew it would be worth it,
I'd miscount all the beats that my heart missed.

(2nd Bridge:)

I'm asking you now,
Is there a chance for me to hold you now?
You've told me once or twice,
But still I can't find out how.



I hope I won't set you back,
I just need my life on track.
You know I am waiting here,
For you to end my fear.

(Chorus x2)


Can't you see I'm breaking?
You're the one who can save me now.

Words & Music By Dean Bavister
Copyright © 2012 Dean Bavister

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