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“When Will I Be King?”

When Will I Be King?

Words & Music By Dean Bavister

(1st Verse:)

And so I go down this long road.
I feel like I'm leaving my heart behind.
That's where I love you still,
And yes I guess I always will.

(2nd Verse:)

Will you ever love me,
Like I know I love you?
When will you find me?
When will I ever be king?



Without my princess,
My kingdom has lost its crown.
I picture your face,
Feels like sunshine in my heart, in my soul.
I read your words,
There's a sparkle in my eyes, in my soul.
With a thought of you,
I feel like I could be a king.


(3rd Verse:)

Well maybe this was meant to be,
I'll keep waiting for what heaven sends to me.
The time keeps ticking,
When will I be king?

Words & Music By Dean Bavister
Copyright © 2006 Dean Bavister

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