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“She Is (Where Did She Come From?)”

She Is (Where Did She Come From?)

Words & Music By Dean Bavister

(1st Verse:)

Hear am I, what am I to say?
Day after day, she forever looks that way.
There's not enough words to tell her.
Maybe today I'll tell her anyway.

(1st Bridge:)

Then I see her, I'm lost for words again.
My heart's skipped a beat, my breath taken away.


Now I know how wonderful she is.
I always see how beautiful she is.
Now I know an angel, she is.
Angel, where did she come from?

(2nd Verse:)

She is the one that my lonely heart beats for.
She is the one when in a crowd I look for.
We all look for that safe place.
Maybe I've found cause to settle down.

(2nd Bridge:)

I want to be in her life.
No I'll never forget her face when she said goodbye.




Words & Music By Dean Bavister
Copyright © 2004 Dean Bavister

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