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“Only You”

Only You

Words & Music By Dean Bavister

(1st Verse:)

I know I'm not the only guy,
Who's trying to catch your eye.
With each day I miss you,
The weeks just roll on by.

(2nd Verse:)

And whenever I try to tell you,
My heart just runs around inside.
Just a look in your eyes,
And I see my life.


Only you,
I wanna be there by your side.
I wanna see that look in your eyes once again.
My only love is you oh yea,
I need you to give me a sign.
Oh yea, you're the only one.

(3rd Verse:)

I remember when I first saw you,
It's still the way you make me feel.
It's like a dream falling down from heaven,
With that sweetness in your smile.

(4th Verse:)

I'll show you a love that's waiting,
For you to give me a chance.
With another look from you,
And I know that you're mine.



Who makes me feel this way, oh yea.
This could be real if you only believe.
I'll wait for your eyes to tell me,
"You are the only one."



You're the only one who can take me,
You can touch me.
Only you can make me feel,
Like your only one.
The only one is you.

Words & Music By Dean Bavister
Copyright © 2001 Dean Bavister

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