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“One Day”

One Day

Words & Music By Dean Bavister

(1st Verse:)

Seems like yesterday I watched you walking out the door.
Everyday since then I regret what I had said before.

(2nd Verse:)

I gave you all the love I had for me it felt so real.
But I never gave a second thought how it would make you feel.

(1st Bridge:)

One day we could be forever together.
One day you could be mine. My love.


There is someone who's waiting for you.
One day you will find.
Maybe I could say all the right words
Then you'll find him right by your side.
And you don't seem to notice that I
Tremble when I call your name.
Can you see there's a reason
Why rain cannot stop this flame.

(3rd Verse:)

Well maybe you've fallen in love while I was looking for you.
Heaven knows if he'd need you like I do.

(2nd Bridge:)

One day you and I could share this moment.
One day you could be mine. My love.




Words & Music By Dean Bavister
Copyright © 2002 Dean Bavister

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